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SGH Global provides sophisticated, covert surveillance teams, counter surveillance and various other security based solutions to corporate and private clients. We can provide an instant solution for clients requiring a cohesive, professional and highly trained team of Operators for both surveillance and close protection operations.

Our teams include a diverse range of age groups; including highly trained younger operators who are able to blend into environments that other operators could not achieve without arousing suspicion This unique skill set enables our teams to operate covertly in a fast changing and complex environment. This balanced dynamic of male and female Operators of all ages and various ethnic origin allows a flexible and proactive deployment capability against sophisticated subjects

Covert Surveillance

SGH Global’s highly trained teams use the latest imagery and covert communications equipment in order to achieve our clients objectives. Our Operators have all completed intensive training courses, not available commercially, that are benchmarked against the tradecraft and intelligence gathering methods employed by the Intelligence Services. Our Ethos is to gather detailed intelligence on the subject of surveillance in order to give our clients a maximum return on their investment.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance and protective surveillance is a specialised field that involves our teams identifying the people that may be watching or posing a threat to a person or an asset. SGH Global deploy highly specialised covert teams in order to identify whether a client or asset has been placed under surveillance. Our operators are specially trained in methods that will lead a surveillance, reconnaissance team or criminal element to compromise themselves to us without their knowledge.

Technical services

Our technical operators will be able to give advice on your ‘best’ course of action with regard to technical services. These services are highly sensitive and are discussed on a ‘one to one’ basis with potential clients. If you feel you may require a technical device of some kind contact us via our contact form and a meeting will be arranged.

Our technical services include

Bug Hunting

Future technology smart glass red touchscreen interface. Caution screen concept

Technical Surveys

A business person tracking the technical movement of a stock chart on a computer screen.


future technology. touch button inerface illustration on backgro


Modern Buildings Of Dubai City With Location Pointers

Technical Surveillance

IT Concept

Cyber Forensics

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