Operational Training

SGH Global’s operational training courses are designed to help you or your staff maintain or develop the operational skills sets already attained. Working closely with you or your team we can ensure that everyone necessary has the knowledge, tools and confidence to be able to continually risk assess safety and develop a solid understanding of known and developing risk factors.

We also work with seasoned operators looking to increase or strengthen their skill-base. We support a variety of different businesses including financial services, corporate and technology businesses.  We also work extensively with individuals, protecting them from high risk situations and or assisting them with financial investigatory services.

Our strength lies in our ability to react and operate often within a range of complex and challenging environments with minimum direction and support. Our suite of services cover corporate training, operational training, security services and financial crime and risk advisory.

Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT)

Our HEAT courses prepare you for the many risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar and often risk intense environments worldwide. Combining both theoretical and practical elements and are delivered by current and competent professionals. Whether travelling to, working or even living abroad, employers have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that their staff have the knowledge and tools to deal with the unique challenges and risks they may face.

Evasive and defensive driving skills

Provides a wide range of advanced driving skills, delivered effectively and safely by highly experienced former police and military instructors. In a number of fast moving and challenging scenarios and conditions, we teach how to: Recognise and respond to risk and threat, provide tactical skills, techniques to help mitigate potential attack ambush and hijack – whilst always complying with UK laws.

Hostage negotiation training​

Using modern hostage negotiation skills in ‘live scenario’ crisis situations, SGH Global have created a unique training course that combines all the principals of modern negotiation techniques, including: Active listening, building empathy, rapport and ultimately behavioural change through influence. Delivered by the world class negotiators, this course is a fast track way to improve your skill sets.

Kill house drills

SGH Global kill house drills are designed to mimic residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Kill houses are often used to acquaint personnel in gaining access to structures and the methods used to overwhelm the target(s) in the quickest and most efficient manner. Our drills are your chance to up-skill or hone your existing experience. We follow strict adherence to rules and regulations in all our live drills.

Advanced shooting skills

SGH Global’s advanced shooting skills training course is a great choice for those who are practised in the basics of weapon handling and shooting. If you’re an intermediate level shooter and looking to improve your shooting skills, our advanced Course is the accelerated program you are looking for. The class focuses on running your handgun at speed in a variety of conditions.

Unarmed combat

SGH Global’s unarmed combat training is specifically created to prepare you to manage hostile situations whilst operating as either a close protection officer or individual in close combat. The training, delivered by a world class master in unarmed combat, convert conflict management, physical intervention, close quarter combat including weapons, body cover & situation awareness, ground defence & counter attack, multiple attack scenarios.

Weapons handling and drills

Using our cutting edge, interactive shooting range, SGH Global’s weapon handling and drill training is a comprehensive training day that covers tactical scenarios in a live fire environment. Highly trained weapons experts are on hand to give advice and help you achieve your objectives.

First Aid and advanced first aid

Our basic and advance first aid courses allow you to access the skills and expertise we have acquired from decades of operational experience in UK Special Forces, specialist medical units and through close protection medical work. Whether you need health and safety training for work or want to learn first aid for your everyday life, we have a course for you.

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